Saturday, January 19, 2008

just a little me time

alright I just want to talk for a little bit no useful information here. Last night I was at the scrapbook store until about 1:30am and then when I got home a friend and I decided to watch a really dumb movie we ended up turning it off about 10 minutes into it in favor of sleep! so today I am really tired and the kids are totally ready for PLAY!!! All in all it has been a great day though. Last night our church did a talent show and my 5 year old son Kaiden told a story it was cute and he did a great job. I have put together a really cute envelope accordian book but I haven't taken pics yet so that is coming soon so check back in the next day or two! And the greatest news yet with the help of all the stressful situations in my life I have lost about 10lbs YEAH!!! I am really shooting for 30lbs so now I am 1/3 of the way there!!!! (I am also excersising and dieting so it isn't all stress, but the stress definately helps)

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