Wednesday, March 12, 2008

so it has been along week!! my kids flooded my bathroom and it went through the floor and into the kitchen, so I had Niagra in my kitchen and a huge mess to clean up without a shopvak. so I am on chapter 4 of my book and it is coming along better than I expected it should be ready for proof reading by September so I am excited about that. I have a few more layouts to add and then I will have to actually create more projects before I can upload them.


  1. Amanda you have some great ideas on your blog. What is this book you are talking about? Are you getting ready to come out to St. Joseph. We are all very excited to see you more often.

  2. we will be in st jo this weekend weleave sat morning early and are planing on staying until wed or thur. I am writing a book but since we are moving I have had to pause on it so it will probably be a lot longer than originally planned before it is ready for proof reading.