Monday, August 11, 2008

We Bought a House!!

so we bought a house and we are currently moving in once I get internet hooked up I will download pictures. The craft room is going to need a ton of work before it is usable so I will be scraping in the dining room for a little while. I am missing Scrap Paper Scizzors and all you people down there!!! I should be able to take the time for email soon and I am wanting snail mail addresses so I can send cards so if you can email them to me.


  1. I miss you like crazy amanda!

  2. Amanda, I need your phone number I lost it. I miss you a lot, I can't just randomly get lunch anymore because you arent here, and all my other friends are in school.

    Hmph... hope you like living 10 hrs away from me because I don't!

    Love you anyways Megan