Monday, January 26, 2009

My Craft Room!

We are working on turning this room into my craft room, so far we have most of my stuff in their and this weekend we are going to put up shelves so that it can be nicely oraganized. This summer after we get central air in the house the pipes will be gone and we will redo the ceiling so that the lighting will be more conducive to scrapbooking. I am looking forward to doing lots of projects and crop night in here!!


  1. Seeing the paper racks in your room makes it easier to have let them go. I don't know if my husband told you why I sold everything, but it was because we were both about to be laid off and we would need the money...Selling them was a BIG help. I'm glad to have them go to such a good home! Thanks for posting the pictures!!!

  2. holy crap amanda...that's a LOT of stuff...i get crafty overload just looking at it...i was NOT blessed w/ genes that make me even remotely crafty